Incorporating Business Responses in Public Procurement Legislative Development in India

CEGET has taken up a study to critically analyse the pending Procurement Bill in the Parliament from the stand point of business. Apart from analyzing the Indian Bill, CEGET would also do a comparative analysis with the laws in other countries and international organisations like U.K., China, EU among others. The aim is to come up with a policy solution paper to be submitted to the Parliament recommending changes that would make the bill a little more supportive to their benefits.

The strategy followed is for a draft paper to be prepared by an expert, leading into a national dialogue, out of which would emerge good practices of industry in procurement and finally a policy solution that the central and state governments could implement.

Legatrix for Smart Cities

Objective: To achieve sustainability with evolving benchmarks of Governance – Transparency and Compliances

Key Focus Areas:

  1. Focus on Procurement Related Compliances during Development to Commissioning Phase of Smart Cities
  2. Setting up SPV Compliances
  3. Statutory Functions Obligations – Mandatory Functions and Discretionary Functions
  4. Micro Level Visibility and Macro Level Sustainability – Utilities, Healthcare and Sanitation
  5. Citizens’ Charter: creating Citizens as beneficiaries


  • No Political interference
  • Cost of Compliance < Cost of Non Compliance
  • Sustainability (No further revocation by Courts inclusive governance)

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Governance in Smart Cities: The Public Partnership Way

Key Takeaways:

  • Simplified but Transparent PPP mechanism for smart cities
  • Strategizing for Research in Urban Planning and Sustainable Revenue Models
  • Public Sector Readiness: Legal and Institutional Framework
  • Public Sector Readiness: Capacity Building
  • Private Sector Readiness: Access to Finance
  • Private Sector Readiness: Local Industry Development and Trade Reform
  • Civil Society Readiness: Transparency and Anti- corruption
  • Civil Society Readiness: Communication, Information and Participation

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National Anti Corruption Strategy

The document summarises the strategy to be taken by the government of India on various kinds of corruption, the regulatory bodies and the international co-operation required.