Australian whistleblowers could get access to bounties worth millions

The Turnbull government is considering a bounty-style reward worth millions of dollars for those who blow the whistle on corruption or unethical behaviour at the hands of multibillion-dollar corporations.

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Bangladesh infrastructure is world’s costliest, says World Bank

World Bank economist Zahid Hussain speaks at a press conference in office in Dhaka’s Agargaon on Tuesday. Seated next to him is Qimiao Fan, World Bank’s country director in Bangladesh.

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Tackling Sports Corruption

Sports compliance agency I Trust Sport believes that sport can be a force for good. Sadly, corruption sometimes prevents sport from fulfilling its full potential to benefit individuals and societies.

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Fighting Procurement Corruption: the Essential Role of Bid Challenge Systems

Ensuring firms that loose the competition for a government contract can challenge the result is a critical part of the fight against corruption in public procurement.  A losing bidder will have lost the chance to make a profit and will have invested time and money in preparing its bid.  It thus has not only a strong motive for contesting a decision it believes tainted by corruption but the expertise to do so.  Bid challenge systems complement procurement oversight by civil society.  Indeed, they may even be a more powerful tool.  Whereas civil society monitoring typically relies on public-spirited volunteers unfamiliar with the technical aspects of the procurement, bid challenge systems harness firms’ self-interest and technical knowledge in service of ferreting out procurement corruption.

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Six-month time to probe corruption cases against government employees

Many cases against government staffs are pending for quite a long time. New rule has made it mandatory to finish all such cases within six months.

NEW DELHI: Changing an over 50-year-old rule, the government has set a deadline of six months to complete probe in corruption cases+ involving its employees.  The decision has been taken to speed up the investigation in such cases, most of them pending for quite a long time.

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