No Sustainable Development without Tackling Corruption: The Importance of Tracking SDG 16

17 Sustainable Development Goals

On the 10th of July the United Nations’ High Level Political Forum on sustainable development began in New York. The Forum’s aim is to take stock of how far countries have progressed towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an ambitious set of development targets to be met by 2030.

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Fighting corruption: the call for public procurement reforms

ISLAMABAD/PAKISTAN: Infrastructure projects deliver a powerful stimulus to the economy but they are also known as a fertile ground for mega corruption, where old-school bureaucrats and politicians collude to advance their special interests.

As a result, billion-dollar mega projects often attract a lot of scepticism when governments lack an iron-clad commitment to transparency and accountability in procurement practices. So corruption is the “elephant in the room” that needs to be addressed as it instills distortion in the economy by redirecting resources from productive activities to rent-seeking.

CVC can now probe corruption cases in private sector banks

The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) can now probe allegations of corruption in private sector banks and against their employees. Vigilance Commissioner T M Bhasin told PTI the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has given the necessary approval to the CVC on this..

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Investing in Resilient, Future-oriented Growth: Boosting Infrastructure Investment and Balancing Financial Regulation

This Policy Paper is a work and a publication of the B20 Financing Growth & Infrastructure (FGI) taskforce!

B20 Taskforce Financing Growth & Infrastructure – Policy Paper 2017

By 2050 the global population will rise from 7.3 billion to 9.7 billion and is expected to reach 11.2 billion by 2100.  Many countries will be hard pressed to meet the needs of their people. There are, for example, already considerable investment gaps in infrastructure, research, and development, as well as education.  Yet, as governments pushed to restore stability and resilience in the wake of 2008 global financial crisis, infrastructure investment has been neglected.

There is increasing awareness that a more balanced policy mix is required to deliver a stronger path for growth and financial stability. The G20 has already taken actions to improve the environment for infrastructure investment, however, as this paper reports, more must be achieved so private investors can undertake the long-term, capital intensive investments such complex projects demand.

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Away From The Fighting, Kabul Takes On Another Enemy: Corruption

Afghanistan’s government is mired in a war against a 16-year insurgency that has forced the capital into virtual lockdown, ignited deadly protests, and compelled the head of state to retreat behind the barricaded walls of Kabul’s presidential palace.

But off the battlefield, it is also waging a campaign against another evil: systemic government corruption.

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