Survey: Companies Losing Business to Corruption Risk

More companies are choosing to cease business with certain partners, while others say they’ve lost business over the last year, because of corruption risk, finds a recent global anti-corruption survey.

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Starting with demonetisation, prime focus on corruption has now moved to issue of digitising India

The relentless fight against corruption was also reflected in the Union Budget through restrictions on funding of political parties and on cash transactions.

On April 14, the Prime Minister extolled the citizens of benefits of Digi money and urged the use of Digi Dhan as part of clean-up India campaign against the menace of corruption while emphasising the need for extensive use of BHIM app.

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Facebook Can Be an Effective Tool in Fighting Government Corruption

Social media serves as peer of the press, claims a new study

The more Facebook penetrates public usage, the higher the likelihood of government corruption meeting protest, say researchers.

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Corruption Takes Time to Eradicate: DG, State Counsellor’s Office

Flag of Myanmar

The challenge for Myanmar to be free from corruption is that it takes time, according to Director General of the Ministry of State Counsellor’s Office, U Zaw Htay.

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China’s Aircraft Carrier Impresses, but PLA Corruption is a Bigger Battle

China’s first domestically built aircraft carrier is seen during its launching ceremony in Dalian, Liaoning province, China, April 26, 2017

Beijing’s unveiling of its first domestically built carrier, Shandong, shows it is on track to dominate the seas in Asia. But history shows hardware is not enough if the military is corrupt.

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Exposing Procurement Corruption: Ten Questions to Ask

No government activity is more susceptible to corruption than public procurement. The process by which government decides what to buy and from whom is lengthy, technically complex, and riddled with decision points that give procurement officers enormous discretion.  Oversight is thus especially difficult.  Moreover, because so much money is involved, the temptations procurement offers corrupt public servants and their private sector accomplices are particularly great.  Some developed countries spend as much as one-third of their budget on the purchase of public works, goods, and services, and the available data suggests the figure may even be higher in developing countries.

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Fighting Corruption in Vietnam Requires Institutional Reform

The first half of 2016 saw Vietnam’s fight against corruption gain new momentum. Having consolidated his power after being re-elected as Secretary-General of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), Nguyen Phu Trong issued resolutions and directives aimed at tightening party members’ ethical conduct.

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Massive Demand for University Degrees in Malaysia Opens Door to Bribery, Corruption

KUALA LUMPUR: The massive demand for university degrees makes education vulnerable to bribery and corruption, said University Malaya’s Seventh Residential College president Syahirah Huda Abd Rahman.

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India Among Worst in Corporate Fraud, Shows Survey

India has one of the highest percentages of companies where fraud, in particular corruption and bribery, was detected, according to a new survey of large local and multinational companies across industries worldwide.

Conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit and commissioned by New York-based risk consultancy firm Kroll Inc., the survey asked around 770 senior executives if they had discovered any fraud in their companies in 2014.

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India Ranks 9th Among 41 Countries in Corruption in Businesses: Survey

MUMBAI: India ranks ninth among 41 countries in bribery and corrupt practices in businesses, according to the findings of a recent survey.

Nearly 78 per cent respondents queried in the country said that bribery and corrupt practices happen widely in businesses here, as per the EY Europe, Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA) Fraud Survey 2017.

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