Young Thinkers Conference – 2020

The advent of Big data, Simulation, Neural networking, Algorithmic decision-making has now ensured that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is here to stay. And irrespective of the simple rhetorical binaries like ‘will machines overtake humans’, such advances present far more complicated and intractable problems related to privacy, security, accountability, autonomy, inclusion, and ethics.

Rise World Summit 2020

The RISE Summit is an open platform to actively map resources and partnerships driven by the RISE shared values – Responsible, Inclusive, Sustainable and Eco-friendly. This is flagship event of IDOBRO, a GCNI member, that believes that “we don’t need any more breakthrough innovations. It’s the breakthrough interactions we need.

Exploring Partnership with Alliance for End of Plastic Waste (AEPW)

CEGET facilitated site visits of global representatives of AEPW, along with a team of industry experts from BASF, Reliance Industries, Gemini Corporation and Geocycle, as well as subject experts from National Chemical Laboratory and Steps consulting, to the municipalities of Thane and Navi Mumbai.

The site visit included exploratory meetings with the senior officials of Thane and Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporations to understand their pain points vis-à-vis end to end waste management and potential for businesses to provide solutions, as well as visits to collection and composting site and landfills.

Prioritizing SDG/s for Thane Smart City: A Design Workshop

CEGET-GCNI got into a partnership with Thane Smart City (TSCL) and singed an MoU on 31st May 2019 to provide TSCL with its assessment on SDG parameters and advisory to develop TSCL as a world class Sustainable City in India, in a transparent and accountable manner.

As per the project deliverables, CEGET-GCNI organized a Design Workshop on 13th November 2019 at the office of Municipal corporation, Thane/Maharashtra wherein 30 stakeholders/representatives from Thane municipal administration & subject experts participated.

3rd Business Biodiversity Alliance for India (BBAI): A Roundtable on Strategic Planning and Way Forward

CEGET and VNV Advisory Services organized the 3rd Roundtable of Business Biodiversity Alliance for India (BBAI) on 13th November 2019 in Mumbai. The purpose of establishing alliance is to work towards leveraging greater collective investments and partnerships to scale up and replicate good practices of conservation across the country. Learning from the past 2 BBAI roundtables held in Delhi and Bangalore in September and October 2019 respectively, were shared and the strategies to move ahead were discussed.

Conference on Digitalization in Compliance Management: The Way Forward

GCNI CEGET signed a Knowledge Partnership Memorandum of Understanding with Alliance for Integrity (AFIN) to promote prevention of corruption in the private sector and improve the framework conditions for compliant and clean business by mainstreaming business integrity. The MoU outlines collaborative knowledge sharing and capacity building of both public and private sector companies to have robust compliance programmes and to have mechanisms for prevention of corruption. A conference on Digitalization in Compliance Management: The way forward, was organized on 1st November 2019 in Delhi wherein chief executives of government, senior representatives from private sector and legal experts shared their knowledge and ideas to strengthen compliance management through digitalization.

Launch of SDG India Index

On 30th December 2019, NITI Aayog launched SDG India Index and SDG Dashboard that have been designed to provide an aggregate assessment of the performance of all Indian States and Union Territories, and to help leaders and change makers evaluate their performance on social, economic and environmental parameters. It aims to measure India and its States’ progress towards the SDGs for 2030.

The SDG India Index 2019-2020 is large (100 indicators) as compared to SDG India Index 2018 (62 indicators). The SDG Dashboard aims to further assist States in localizing the SDGs. Mr. Somnath Singh, Programme Manager and Mr. Arya Dev, Programme Analyst, CEGET-GCNI participated in the SDG Index launching ceremony and shared the progress of CEGET SDG assessment of Smart Cities of India.

MoU signing for strengthening SDGs

Mr. Somnath Singh attended a MoU signing ceremony of Nagrik Foundation and UN HABITAT at Dainik Jagran, under the leadership of GCNI Governing Council member Mr. Deepak Dwivedi, Chief, Editor Dainik Bhaskar (Media), NOIDA/U.P. on 21st December 2019.