The governance of the Global Compact Network India (GCNI) is led by a Governing Council elected every two years by the General Body, supreme body of the GCNI’s governance structure, consisting of GCNI’s members. The Governing Council members include President, Vice Presidents representing four regions (North, South, East, West), Treasurer, Secretary, co-opted members and special invitees. The governing council is mandated to execute the general policies of the society in conformity with the objects of the MOU, pass and deliberate on organisational resolutions, appoint Chief Executive and determine their power and responsibilities constitute committees and delegate powers and manage finances. The Governing Council meets in practice once every four months, in a meeting convened by the Secretary.

To support and facilitate the Governing Council there is an Administration Committee. The Administration Committee guides the Secretariat on functional matters and supports it to carry out the Global Compact’s mandate in India. The Administration Committee in general meets six times a year or as the need may be to discuss and deliberate on matters affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of the Secretariat and evaluate its work and staff.

To provide the Secretariat with support and guidance, dedicated sub-committees have been constituted on key areas of interventions. These committees, constituted of Global Compact Network India’s member organisations and experts, work on key areas of concern, premised on the UNGC principles.

The Secretariat also in its day to day operations is supported and guided by an Operations Committee. The Committee in practice meets whenever matters seeking immediate resolution are brought up by the Secretariat.

To further the Global Compact and carry forward the Global Compact’s mandate on the day to day functioning, the Global Compact Network India is supported by a Secretariat headed by an Executive Director.

Presently there are 18 members in the Governing Council of Global Compact Network India, and the present Chairman of the Council is Mr. Dinesh Kumar Sarraf, Chairman and Managing Director of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation. For more details on our Governing Council you can visit the link below: