Neutral Facilitator for Compliance

The Center Of Excellence for Governance, Ethics and Transparency (CEGET) for strengthening transparency and ethics in business will bring diverse stakeholders to a common & neutral platform for exchanging best practices,deliberate upon challenges and policy recommendations, and promote responsible business standards in particular, and transparency and ethics in general.

The CEGET will act as a knowledge hub, take up research & training initiatives,facilitate and foster dialogue and communication, provide support services, and encourage policy discussions & recommendations. As a first of its kind unique model in India, the CEGET is expected to fill the void of a neutral platform, hitherto in India, for deliberating on the issue of transparency and ethical business practices by a diverse range of stakeholders negatively affected by corruption in some form or other.

The Center of Excellence for Governance, Ethics and Transpaparency, as an advanced form of collective action will address the issue of corruption collectively as it has the potential of reaching out to public sector, industry peers, suppliers & vendors, civil society, management institutes, media & other stakeholders and initiate joint activities to fight corruption apart from taking individual initiatives by them. This will enable to level the playing field and create a business conducive environment with reduced risk of corruption. Furthermore, it will encourage innovative methods of countering corruption by knowledge sharing and networking, thereby improving individual stakeholder practices on one hand and using ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) efficiently on the other.

We believe in preventive vigilance and in areas where we see a scope of our intervention, we act as a converging point bringing together all the stakeholders and discussing about the probable solution and the way to go forward on the issue.

At Centre of Excellence we also try to give voice to the concerns of businesses in the upcoming legislations, so as to seek a law which takes a balance approach towards all the stakeholders involved including the businesses.